Thursday, February 9, 2017

UrtheCast Corp - UR.t

UrtheCast Corp - UR.t is a space technology start up with a bold mission: to provide the world with a near-live stream of the Earth, using HD video and imagery.

For the first time the world has access to dynamic, high-resolution video of Earth.

On February 7, 2017 the company released News

UrtheCast Corp. (TSX:UR) ("UrtheCast" or the "Company"), and Land O' Lakes, Inc., one of the United States' premier agribusiness and food companies, today announced a long-term agreement for GEOSYS, a Land O'Lakes subsidiary, to purchase geospatial data from the UrtheDaily Constellation, UrtheCast's planned constellation of Earth observation satellites which will deliver daily, medium resolution imagery of the entire planet's landmass*.

By entering this agreement, GEOSYS will become an anchor customer for the UrtheDaily Constellation. GEOSYS, already the UrtheCast group's largest agricultural customer and one of the world's leading providers of digital agriculture solutions, will use the data to improve the decision-making processes for their customers globally, including WinField United, the Land O'Lakes crop input business.